Colchester WriteNight Anthology 2021

Colchester WriteNight, a group of local Essex writers, meet regularly (including online during the pandemic) to discuss writerly things, inspire each other with writing exercises, and eat too many biscuits. Recently, they launched their ‘Open Book’ of tales, which celebrates 10 years of their existence and includes vignettes and stories conjured up during lockdown 2020. 

‘From goats and Rollers to gallery nudes, pork scratchings and the increasingly elusive Willow Wiffle, these stories will make you laugh, cry and shudder.’ It features a wide range of voices and genres. The gifted A L Kennedy has written the introduction and the book is edited by the combined creative talents of Sue Dawes and Emma Kittle-Pey. My story in it, ‘Ms Wiffle’s Open Book’, is about a book that inadvertently engenders fist fights in a sleepy village.

The collection also features stories by Sarah Armstrong, Sarah Bates Kendrick, Annie Bell, Penny Benedetti, Helen Chambers, Tim Gardiner, Phil Hurst, Wendy James, Jonathan King, Toni Peers, Mary Pullen Deacon, Clare Shaw, Doug Smith, and Alice Violett.

On Saturday 27th November 2022 there will be a launch at Colchester library 2-5pm. Unfortunately I can’t attend due to health constraints but it is sure to be a good event with plenty of story reading, fun, and mask wearing. You can book to attend the event here.

You can buy the book here published by Patrician Press.

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