About Katy Wimhurst

I’m a writer and visual poet. I write short fiction – magical realist, dystopian and surrealist – creating off-kilter worlds that illuminate our own. My stories are dark but quirky, laced with humour and hope. Snapshots of the Apocalypse, my first collection, is available from Fly on the Wall Press. I also occasionally write non-fiction, blog, and do interviews with other writers.

My fiction has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies including The Guardian, Cafe Irreal, Shooterlit, Ouen Press, Blackpear Press, To Hull and Back, Fabula Press, Writers’ Forum, and Bust Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens.

I originally studied social anthropology and did a PhD on Mexican Surrealism. These nurtured my interest in ‘others’ and ‘being othered’, a theme in my writing. I also worked as an EFL teacher in Spain and Italy and held positions in academic publishing.

I now suffer from the illness M.E., a serious neuroimmune disease often maligned and misrepresented by medics and media alike as ‘fatigue’. I developed severe M.E. in my 30s but slowly improved over the years until I was moderate and had a better life quality. Unfortunately I then suffered a severe relapse in 2019. More information about M.E. can be found here. An excellent novel on the subject is Nasim Marie Jafry’s The State of Me. 60% of my author royalties for Snapshots of the Apocalypse are going to M.E. charities.

You can email me on whimyslph at gmail.com

14 responses to “About Katy Wimhurst

  1. Bonjour Mme Whmsylph

    I have the bizarre feeling that a creature similar to you lives inside of me for l have the same exact curiosities save for the tic tacs, in my case it is fray bentos corned beef and occasionally the jumbo sized packets of quavers.

    Thanks for the follow – l love people who can make me happy – and your lovely blog does exactly that.



    • bonjour Monsieur Redstuffdan,

      Thank you for dropping by and for the lovely comment. I suspect there may be a number of we whimsylph critters knocking around, strolling down surreal passages (with mannequins on pavements dressed in bow-ties and bananas), chomping on fray bentos pies and/or tictacs (delete appropriately). I look forward to perusing more of your blog and sharing the odd virtual quaver with you.



  2. Hello & thank you for stopping by Fictional Machines- I definitely like what I see here, will return- Have a great day, take care!

  3. I absolutely love your latest post, JE Lattimer, the one about the warmth from the diamond of light being just enough (I can’t find anywhere to post on your blog).

    • Hello- I just discovered this comment [It did not register on my end on September 19th]. Thank you again for the kind words- Yes, I had turned the comments off for a few months due to some issues with wordpress that have now been resolved [Many ‘behind the scenes’ stories like that which will be shared on Fictional at some point]. But the comments have been reopened now and I also added a contact page with an email. I do plan on returning to the ‘disconnected from the dystopia’ story that you mentioned above soon and finishing the tale! Thanks for the support- Take care!


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