Snapshots of the Apocalypse, a book of magical realism/dystopian short fiction, is being published by Fly on the Wall Press in January 2022. You can preorder or buy the book from my lovely publisher here.

‘An iridescent, compelling collection. Darkly magical in all the right ways.’- Irenosen Okojie, author of Nudibranch and Speak Gigantular 

'Tales of the unexpected... a refreshing and humorous collection illuminating the author’s vast imagination and gift for merging people, place and politics in well crafted stories. Wimhurst’s cultural allusions and social commentary might make you laugh or glance sideways, but there are always sparks of human hope amongst the dystopian debris. One ticket here please, open return.'- Emma Kittle-Pey, author of Gold Adornments and Fat Maggie.

‘These are fresh and exciting pieces, and I loved the sense of these unsettling off-kilter worlds, reminiscent of M John Harrison’s You Should Come With Me Now (Comma Press). I think readers will enjoy the author's skilful balance of wit and playfulness with dark and frightening things; magical realism with a melancholy and often chilling twist.’- Anna Vaught, author of Saving Lucia and Famished.

'Katy Wimhurst finds hope in dystopias; colour in the bleakest of worlds. Her art is in combining charming whimsy with weighty social issues and, in the balance, delighting and surprising her reader. Her rich imagination and fresh, clean writing is, at all times, a pleasure.’- Petra McQueen, founder of The Writers’ Company

‘Katy Wimhurst’s stories are enchanting. They appear beguilingly simple yet contain layers of meaning and mystery. Although often comical, each story has a hidden steel core – an environmental message that we need to cherish our planet and be compassionate to one another. She specialises in dystopias – in societies overwhelmed by the threats we fear – but even here the endings sound a positive note. We remain enchanted.’ - Dorothy Schwarz, author of Behind a Glass Wall and Simple Stories about Women.


A few examples of my non-fiction:

An essay on how the experIence of chronic illness disrupts conventional ideas about storytelling and offers inventive possibilities for fiction is on the Lucy Cavendish college, Cambridge Uni blog here.

An essay, ‘Fabulous Fiction in an Era of Falsehoods’, up at Nothing in the Rule Book.

Magical Realism and The Contemporary Short Story in the UK’, an essay at TSS Publishing.

‘Magical Realism: A Short History of the Term,’ an essay at Serendipity.

Very Stupid’, a creative non-fiction piece about my time working for a Taoist and I Ching expert in New York, in GlassFire Magazine.

Article here at Leicester University Creative Writing blog about my new book.

I was interviewed in 2022 by the lovely Petra McQueen about my new book, Snapshots of the Apocalypse, for 3am Magazine here.

I was interviewed in 2019 by writer and blogger Leslie Tate about my fiction here.

I was interviewed in 2021 by Malcolm Curtis about my writing and visual poetry for Talking All The Time About Strawberries here.


Visual poetry sits on the fertile boundary between art and writing. It acknowledges that words and letters have a visual element, and it interrogates, and often undermines, the nature of ‘meaning’. My visual poetry often sits on the line between facts and aesthetics too, and uses repeated and fragmented text. It draws on the random and chance elements that occur during the creative process. Here are some examples:

Oil S(l)ick Skyline (first published at The Babel Tower Notice Board)

‘Soiled by Oil’, in edition Volume 2 of Strukturriss Magazine

A selection of my visual poems appears in the Trickhouse 2022 Anthology. I’m in flattered to be in here with some leading avant-garde and experimental artists like SJ Fowler and James Knight.

Britannia Tabulae in Ric Journal, faux archaeology in collaboration with Sascha Engel.

Three visual ecopoems in Babel Tower Notice Board, March 2021

Three visual ecopoems in Babel Tower Notice Board, August 2021.

​(electri)city extinction’, in the apocalyptic visual poetry anthology Steel Incisors, Spring 2021.

Fungi in Mercurius Magazine, July 2021.

‘Don’t Label Me as Mad,’ in Dreampop Press, Summer 2021.

Everything and Nothing’, four vispos in Indianopolis Review, Summer 2021

‘Death Feather’, in Ric Journal, 2020.

‘Is That So?’, in Talking All The Time About Strawberries, 2020.

Plastic in Its Gut


A few of my published works:

Magical Realism: ’Ms Wiffle’s Open Book’, in the 2021 Colchester WriteNight anthology.

Flash fiction: ‘Bubble’, in the Casket of Fictional Delights, 2016.

Surrealism: ‘Crows and Sorrows’ and ‘The Disillusionment of Mermaids’, both in the avant-garde Cafe Irreal.

The Sorcery of Smog’, a story about oil refineries and shamanic healing, won first prize in the EarlyWorks short story competition 2018 and is the title story in an anthology published by Earlyworks Press.

‘The Blind Ark’, a story about class, yachts and the environment is in the 2018 Dirty Money issue of Shooterlit Magazine.